What is Collagen?

Collagen is one of the most important building blocks of the human body. As the main component of our connective tissues, forming the essential scaffolding of our skin and strengthening our bones, tendons and ligaments, it is a fundamental protein that cannot be overlooked.

Profin Collagen is optimized for skin, joint and bone health.

What Does Collagen Do?

There are 28 types of collagen known, however, types I, II and III are the most abundant. These types of collagen form approximately 80-90% of the total protein in our body.

Type 1:

Making up the majority of collagen in the body, it establishes the essential structure for the skin, bones, tendons, connective tissue and teeth.

Type 2:

Forming the basis of padded elastic cartilage, it strengthens the cartilage and protects our joints.

Type 3:

Supports the necessary structure of muscles, organs and arteries and gives the skin flexibility and tightness. As we age, the body produces less collagen and of lower quality. Reduced elasticity of the skin is one of the most prominent features of collagen deficiency. Bone and cartilage tissue also begin to weaken due to a lack of collagen and injuries become more common. Many clinical studies have shown that collagen peptides or collagen containing supplements help slow skin ageing by reducing wrinkles and dryness.

What are the Benefits of Collagen?

It beautifies the skin.

Collagen reduces the signs of ageing and helps us appear younger. When it is in sufficient amounts within the skin, it guarantees a bright and lively complexion. It prevents wrinkles, loosening and dryness.

It increases bone and joint health.

Bones mainly consist of collagen and calcium. These two substances are what makes our bones both strong and durable. Collagen also allows various joints, such as knees, hips, shoulders to move with flexibility. The main function of a joint is to connect two or more bones; but this will be painful without cartilage, ligaments, and tendon. This further highlights the necessity of collagen in our lives.

It strengthens nails, hair and teeth.

It is the building block of nails, hair and teeth, preventing hair loss and brittle nails. It is also a key player in maintaining dental health, as it reduces the risk of developing gingival recession and bleeding.

It creates healthy hair.

It enables healthier and stronger hair follicles to grow hair with more volume and sheen. At the sametime, it treats conditions such as hair loss and thinning.

What is Collagen Peptide?

Collagen peptides are short-chain protein building blocks produced by hydrolysis of natural collagen. Depending on the applied enzymatic process, a characteristic pattern of collagen fragments is created. These peptides are identified and classified by average molecular weight distributions and peptide profiles. Regardless of their molecular weight, all collagen peptides are rapidly absorbed by the body and provide high bioavailability. Since they are non-allergenic, easily digestible and in food classification, they are suitable to be labelled as a clean product.

Profin Collagen is optimized for skin, joint and bone health. Thanks to its physical and chemical properties, it can be easily mixed with other components in various food and pharmaceutical applications and provides ease of use.


Collagen peptides can be used in different beverage applications such as water beverages, carbonated beverages and drinkable yoghurt or whey beverages in up to 25% concentrations.

Profin Collagen Peptides offer a wide range of possibilities to produce bars with different and special textures. It is possible to produce all high protein, cereal or fruit bars with collagen peptides.

Collagen peptide powder can also be combined with micronutrients such as vitamins and minerals. Long stability tests for powder mixtures have proven that all components are stable for at least 3years.

In fermented products such as yoghurt or alcoholic beverages, collagen peptides do not affect the fermentation process when used within a 5% concentration. This makes it convenient to combine collagen peptides with ferments and reveals the perfect taste profile and texture of the food. Therefore, collagen peptides can be added before or after fermentation as required by the production process.

Collagen peptides can easily be introduced into the jelly and confectionery industries. Thanks to collagen peptides, we can enjoy confectionery products with increased protein content in the near future.

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