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Halavet Gıda - Profin Collagen Gerede Fabrikası

Halavet Gıda, producing high-value products such as edible halal gelatin and collagen hydrolysates, possesses an innovative structure, particularly in the food sector. The company is engaged in developing new products and integrating different sectors. At every stage of production, Halavet Gıda prioritizes food safety as the cornerstone of its quality policy, utilizing traceable raw materials. The company conducts environmentally friendly production with dynamic expert teams and modern technology. Specializing in collagen-based products, Halavet Gıda serves as an indispensable partner to companies in the food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries, positioning itself as a globalized company. With a skilled workforce, Halavet Gıda exceeds customer expectations by producing high-quality products in environmentally friendly, modern, and innovative production processes.

Halavet Gıda, established in 2011, is the largest edible bovine gelatin producer in Europe. The company, operating in Istanbul and Bolu with its factories, manufactures halal gelatin and collagen peptides, and distributes its products to more than 70 countries worldwide.

Halavet Gıda - Profin Collagen Gerede Fabrika Lobi

In order to avoid depleting tomorrow's resources today, we design our production processes within the framework of sustainability, reducing our ecological footprint and maintaining our operations with a zero-waste policy. Going beyond customer expectations and striving for uncompromising quality, we provide services to our customers with our expert workforce and modern production facilities.  Since our establishment, we have maintained our belief in continuous renewal, empowering our employees and creating an entrepreneurial work environment for them. We are committed to minimizing our impact on nature and fostering a sustainable approach in our production practices.

Our Values

Halavet Gıda - Profin Collagen Üretim Tesisi

Our vision

We are a globalizing company producing sustainable collagen-based products. We position ourselves as an indispensable partner for companies operating in the food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries.

Our Mission

Utilizing an innovative and ecological approach, we offer collagen-based solutions to our partners. Inspired by our sustainable and environmentally friendly production principles, we strive to make a positive contribution to the natural world and society.

Halavet Gıda - Profin Collagen Laboratuvar

Focusing on continuity in quality and service in the production of edible bovine gelatin and collagen, our goal is to produce healthy and value-added products. We aim to meet customer demands timely and cost-effectively with a sustainable quality approach, ensuring unconditional customer satisfaction without compromising on quality. We embrace approaches that contribute to the development of our suppliers, using a reliable supply chain and trustworthy raw materials, adhering to industry standards. We are committed to producing 100% bovine gelatin and collagen in a safe, healthy, halal, and hygienic environment, while implementing food safety standards.

Quality and Food Safety


In order to achieve this, to ensure the development of our employees by constantly training them on hygiene and sanitation, to increase the food safety culture, to prioritize human and environmental health by prioritizing occupational health and safety requirements and ethical values in a safe environment,    To maximize quality with the involvement of all our employees, including various employees from all levels.

preventive measures and the risks of imitation adulteration and


by taking all precautions against product defense

To produce 100% bovine gelatin and collagen, to continuously improve food safety management conditions in a sustainable manner, taking into account good production practices (GMP),

While offering quality at the highest level, always with more forward-looking goals, prioritizing continuous improvement activities, allocating resources and complying with food safety management conditions, against all risks with a risk-based quality approach.


not to compromise on quality and food safety under any circumstances,    food along the food chain

To request and transmit information regarding security, to provide all documentation requirements within the scope of data integrity in a timely and complete manner throughout the product life cycle,    To comply with legal conditions and regulations.

Food safety is our policy.

Factory manager  


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