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In addition to the well-known health benefits of collagen, scientists are discovering new uses of collagen almost every day. Increased knowledge of collagen sources and emerging technologies in the last decades has helped develop more collagen-based health and nutrition products, cosmetics, and bio-biomaterials.

Science From Within 

Collagen is one of the most convenient biomaterials. Due to its low immunogenicity and high biocompatibility, it has been comprehensively studied as a biopolymer for use in many biomedical applications, such as supplements and pharmaceutical products. Collagen also has been used as a safe and influential biomaterial in tissue engineering and several clinical applications. It is an ingredient in dental transplants, wound healing devices, and biodegradable matrices, and it has been used in cardiovascular surgery, plastic surgery, orthopaedics, urology, neurology, and ophthalmology. The health and nutrition industry has a great demand for collagen, such as PROFIN, because it has a high protein content and good functional properties such as water absorption capacity and emulsion ability. 

The Foundation of The Skin 

The main element of the skin is collagen, with 85–90% collagen type I and 10–15% collagen type III content. Collagen fibres that are damaged over time are strongly related to skin ageing. Skin ageing is caused by decreased collagen density and dermal thickness and decreased synthesis and replacement of important structural proteins. Scientists have proved that collagen is effective in wrinkle reduction, skin rejuvenation, and skin ageing reversal via several clinical studies. Due to its high biocompatibility with the human body, collagen type I-III is the most used in health and nutrition products.  

Slowing Down the Collagen Loss 

Collagen consumption can improve the skin health and does not cause serious adverse reactions. Collagen-based materials and products have the potential to be used in more applications, and they are one of the most important supplements for ageing people. We do our best to produce the best collagen in many ways by analysing data on consumer trends from the past to the present, and this is why PROFIN collagen offers the perfect solution for anti-ageing products. 



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